Welcome to Pooh Corner Day Nursery and Preschool

Our Ethos and Philosophy

We provide a high standard of care, learning opportunities and education in a secure, homely and relaxed environment. Our highly qualified Early Years Teachers and Practitioners are trained to value, support and celebrate children’s development and achievements. At Pooh Corner we see each child as an exclusive individual who sees the world and develops at his or her own pace.

We conceive play as the ‘child’s job’. Therefore, quality free flow play is based on each child’s developmental stages and interests.

Through a balance of child initiated play and adult suggested play our Early Years Teachers and Practitioners nurture our children's love and freedom to learn and make discoveries. At Pooh Corner the children are given the opportunity to explore the world, develop independence, confidence and self-esteem supporting all areas of their development.

We believe that multiculturalism is an important feature in society. At Pooh Corner children’s racial, cultural and religious background are respected and included in our planning, resources, play experiences and menu. Our inclusion policy ensures that all children independent of their abilities and developmental stage are offered quality play opportunities.