Meals at Pooh Corner

We are very proud of our meal times. Our two very creative cooks follow the nutritional guidance from Children’s Food Trust . Our emphasis is on healthy eating and the children's enjoyment of the social aspects of mealtimes. Our children have the opportunity to work on our vegetable patch and experience hands on learning by planting, harvesting and also sometimes cooking the food they grow. We plan our menu to include the celebration of different countries and cultures.

Our Gastronomic Daily Routine:

At Pooh Corner, care is treated with the same importance as education. We understand the importance of being a well nourished child and the links to development. That is why we place huge emphasis on what our children eat.

We cater for all children’s dietary requirements, from cultural to allergies and also parents and children's personal choices. In our Baby and Toddler rooms we provide a wide range of vegetables and fruit pureed to support the beginning of weaning stage.

Breakfast/Snack time: 8.00 – 9.30am. Our children enjoy the pleasure of uninterrupted play whilst our open café style offers fresh and dried fruits and carbohydrate in the form of fruit bread, rice cake, toast, crumpets or bread sticks with a choice of milk and water to drink.

Lunch time: 11.30am – 12.15pm. Some of the older children help to set the tables. We place great importance in eating in ‘family’ groups, talking about our meal, and making it a relaxing and enjoyable time for everyone. Our practitioners eat with the children, and we aim to ensure your child enjoys a wide range of healthy meals. Tables are set with flowers and also sometimes candles depending on the time of the year (we love to count down the days to Christmas on the advent candles). Lunch is a two courses meal.

Mid afternoon snack: 2.00pm to make sure everyone has a little something to keep them going until tea time; we stop for some water, dried fruit and a wholemeal biscuit.

Tea time: 3.30 – 4.15pm. We have a selection of white and wholemeal sandwiches with various fillings e.g ham, cheese, egg mayonnaise or pita bread and hummus or quiche or pizza, all served with crudites. In the winter we have lovely creamy soups. Fresh fruit and pudding is always served afterwards.